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Who We Are

Green SEED Energy was incorporated in 2007. Our mission is to help the world meet its energy needs while improving the health of the planet. We will achieve this mission by developing and marketing integrated solutions for bio-energy production that are engineered with sound environmental, energy and economic considerations, that maximize the use or recycled and renewable resources, and that reduce the carbon footprint.

The SEED team is comprised of experienced professionals. Individuals forming our primary team each have at least 25 years experience in the environmental planning, management and legal fields. Judy L. Freeman, President, has been in the environmental and waste industries for over 26 years; Executive Vice President Rennie Heath's background includes 30 years in economic development, the political arena and occupational
safety, health and environmental issues; James T. Harrington, Vice President and General Counsel, has spent more than 30 years as an environmental attorney as a partner in Chicago legal firms; and John C. Madole, Vice President, has been involved in the compost field for more than 25 years, including composting the organic waste streams at the Atlanta and Utah Olympics.